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Purchasing a Kinkajou

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Getting Your Own Kinkajou
Because kinkajous are so cute to look at, people often fall in love with them and want to get one as a pet. If you are interested in buying your own kinkajou, I would highly recommend doing some serious research first on their diet, care and feeding, vet and health concerns, temperament, and laws for your area. Because kinkajous are on the threatened species lists, because there are so few of them available, because they are not prolific breeders, and therefore are often hard to find, there is a large demand for a small supply of kinkajous. Consequently, you often need to try to locate several breeders first, then add yourself to their waiting lists, while you are researching kinkajous and saving up your money - as kinkajous can often cost from $1800-$2900 each. or they sell kinkajous on they also sell kinkajous on

This page was created on 08/27/04