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I Would Like To Build A Bat House And Attract A Group Of Bats To It. What Are Your Suggestions And Experiences?


How Do I Get My Finicky Parrot To Eat A Balanced Nutritional Diet - In Spite Of Himself?

Caring For Cage Birds

A Veterinary Exam For your Pet Bird

Ten Ways To Find A Good Vet

Ten Rules For Finding The Right Pet

What Is Vitamin D And Why Do All Animals, Birds And People Need It?


What is Environmental Enrichment and Why Is It Important ?

Why Do We and Our Pets Age and What Can We Do About It ?

Becoming a Veterinarian

Ten Rules For Finding The Right Pet

Ten Rules For Finding The Right Vet

Vaccination of Wild and Exotic Animals

What Happens As Pets Age?

Salmonella In Your Pets

Planning For A New Pet

Diseases We Can Catch From Our Pets


Do Monkeys Make Good Pets?

Are There Any Diseases My Family Or I Can Catch From Pet Monkeys?

How Do I Care for Chubby Monkeys?

Diabetes in Monkeys


How Do I Care for Orphaned Wild Bunnies?

Secrets To Keeping Your Bunny Healthy & Happy

Ringworm In My Rabbit


How Do I Care For Orphaned And Injured Raccoons?


Four Secrets For Keeping Your Reptile Healthy

Basic Snake Care

Salmonella In Your Pet


The Rat-Lover's Guide To Respiratory Disease. What Causes It, And What You Can Do About It

My Bunny Or Guinea pig or Hamster Has Tooth Problems. What Should I Do?

My Hamster Bit Me ! Why Did It Do That ! What Should I Do?

How To Treat Rat Kidney Problems


Basic Snake Care

Four Secrets For Keeping Your Reptile Healthy


How Do I Raise Orphaned Fox Squirrels?

How Should I Raise Orphaned Flying Squirrels?

Weights and Measures

You Use A Lot Of Different Volumes, Quantities And Abbreviations In Your Advice Letters

How Do You Keep All These Numbers Straight In Your Head ? How Am I Supposed To Figure Them Out

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