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Flying Squirrel
Glaucomys sabrinus 
     These appealing little creatures are found throughout most of the forested areas of Canada, but they are rarely seen because of their nocturnal habits. A furry membrane uniting the front and back legs enables them to glide from higher branches to lower ones with great dexterity. This is a sociable little animal with strong maternal instincts. 
     Their large, dark eyes give the flying squirrel a look of lively intelligence, and, indeed, they have been known to make affectionate and playful pets. The males and females frequently occupy separate nests in the summer, but in the winter months they often live in “communes” in hollow trees or stumps. Their fondness for maple sap has often led to their tumbling into sap buckets in spring and drowning. Its principal enemies are owls and cats. 

This page was created on 08/27/04