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Skunks that are born and raised in captivity make excellent pets. They are fun, very affectionate and like to cuddle up with their owners. Before purchasing your skunk, you'll want to be sure that you are able to spend time with your pet. Skunks don't like being alone. As with any animal, they are not for everyone. People with children have to keep a watchful eye. Children can be rough with animals and a skunk as well as any other animal can bite if frightened or injured. Skunks are usually very good with kids that are calm and gentle. It's best to get your skunk while it's still a baby. Just remember that most pet stores will only de-scent your skunk. You will be the one who has to have them spayed/neutered. Unless you are a breeder, you will need to have them altered. Unaltered males become more aggressive and the females can die from being in heat because it takes so much out of them. You'll find that your pet will be happier and healthier if you have them spayed/neutered. This should be done when they are 4 months old. It's very important that you handle your baby skunk a lot to keep them tame. When disciplining your skunk NEVER spank! Skunks are very smart and they never forgive or forget being hit. They tend to get even with whoever hurt them. Use verbal tones and a spray bottle to discipline. Skunks are not caged pets, but they do need their own bed to sleep in. Place their bed somewhere quiet so when they do want to relax they have a place to themselves. You may find that your skunk will want to curl up and sleep with you. You will want to skunk-proof your house to prevent injuries or escape. If your skunk should ever get out, the odds of getting the skunk back are extremely low. They aren't like a cat or dog that may eventually come home. A skunk will keep going and never come back. Skunks are very playful. They love to romp around with stuffed toys, rubber balls or anything else that catches their attention. If you use reclining chairs be extra careful. A skunk likes dark cave-like places and will more than likely crawl under a chair that is in it's reclined position. The mechanisms can crush and kill your skunk so always use caution when using a recliner. To keep your skunk healthy, make sure you give your skunk all available vaccinations. Most diseases your skunk can get are airborne so vaccinations are extremely important. Skunks also carry roundworms so it's important to have them wormed every month. Skunks eat mostly vegetables but they do like fruits, low-fat cottage cheese, and low-fat yogurt. Make sure your skunk always has a fresh supply of water available at all times. Skunks like to beg for table scraps and will always act like they are starving even when they are full. When buying a skunk from a breeder make sure you find someone who provides you with alot of information about the animal. Never take a animal from the wild, it will end up biting someone then will be destroy, because it was tooken from the wild. Make sure you have everything ready for you Skunk before he arrives, all his things, and room for him/her to vent or go to when its scared, somewhere it can feel safe. Start off by slowly introducing it from room to room, if you having any animals be careful when they meet each other, sometimes it doesnt always work out, its kinda a sticky situation, but if you get it as a baby they will be able to grow up together and become good friends. Make sure before you get your skunk, you have yo ur permit, check your state regulations to make sure it is permissible for you to own a skunk in your area, after you have received your permit, make sure you find out what is aloud in your county, just so your extra safe. When looking for a vet, make sure he has worked with skunks before, wild animals are very sensitive to anesthia.
 If you are looking to purchase a skunk then you can go to the OOPS website. (Owners of Pet Skunks) or got to If you need more references please e-mail me. You should be able to find skunks for sale on these websites.Another web pagewith skunks for sale is


This page was created on 08/27/04