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Purchasing a Raccoon

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I strongly advice anyone before getting a raccoon, make absoutly sure that you can deal with all their antics and be constantly picking up all your broken belongings all day long. Its a 24 hr job and you need to be able to spend plently of time with his/her for a reasonable amount of time. They can have your whole house destroyed in a matter of days, my raccoon Ricki, she went to the bathroom in my television, and i turned it on, it almost blew up, so i have to buy another tv. she has scratched the carpet up in my bedroom, which i have to take out. They just get bored easily and constantly need someone to entertain them and you have to be ready to put up with it, if you have already had a raccoon, im sure you know what i mean. This is my first. I defiantly was in for a surprise, they really do make good pets, and their adorable. Their affectionate. I know people say that yea its a wild animal, but shes so tame and she to me she not wild at all. Maybe i just got lucky. Make sure the owner that you get a raccoon from knows alot about raccoons and they have been well socialized, and once you get this raccoon and commit to it, you cannot decide that in 2 months, you cant take care of it, and put it back in the wild because it can no longer survive on its own, it will die. If you still want a raccoon the you might be able to find one on or



This page was created on 08/27/04