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-Skunks can only have babies once a year.
-Skunks have many natural predators.
-Skunks weigh under 10 pounds
-Never use clumped or scented cat litter.
-Some skunks are lactose intolerant.
-Never feed them chocolate, or raw meats.
-Domestic skunks should be spayed about 4 weeks of age
- Skunks dont have very good eye sight.
-Outside they live maybe 6 years in captivaty they can live up to 22 yrs of age.
-They should not be declawed.
-Skunks are naturally corner trained, they will go to the bathroom in corners (like ferrets), they can be litter box trained by putting a litter box in the corner.
-Skunks are natural diggers, they will dig at everything.
-Skunks do not do well with punishment
-Skunks are apart of the weisel family.
-They can have from 1-8 babies, the highest recorded was 16-20.
-Being sprayed by a skunk can cause temporay blindness but no permanant damage can be done.
-After youve been skunked use tomato juice or vinegar to get rid of the smell.
-Skunks are difficult to trap.
-Skunks move very slowly, top speed is about 6 miles per hr.
-A baby skunk is a kitten, a female is a queen, a male is a tom, a group of skunks is a chine.
-Skunks only enemy is the Horned Owl, it is immuned to its smell.
-A skunks gestation perios is about 63 days long.
-The skunks vocabulary is varied, from soft-bird like chirps to loud squeals,from huffy, deep growls to quiet hissess. Skunks are usually quiet animals. Skunks noises are heard mostly when to or more skunks come in contact.
-Spotted skunks are immuned to scorpion stings.
-Skunk teeth are really sharp and the canine teeth can become pretty nasty if bitten.
-Skunks can spray up to 4-7m (13-23 ft) in a favorable wind they are usually only accurate for up to about 2m (6.5ft)
-Their are 4 different kind of skunks.
-Male skunks have no role in raising the young, they can actually fight with the mother and it can lead in death.
-They are attracted to spaces under porches,sheds,piles of wood,rocksor debris,and garbage,pet food, and open composts.
-Skunks are active all year but are usually independent by mid-summer.
-Having a skunk as a pet is a 24 hr job, they can get into anything and it may kill them if your house isnt skunk proof, they can get into chemicals, and have major reactions from them.
-They do make good pets, skunks can be very loving and affectionate.
-Like a raccoons there is no shot for a skunk and it can still be tooken away and killed if it is to bite someone, make sure no strangers or anyone you dont 100% trust comes around any wild animal, because that animal could be destroyed.

This page was created on 08/27/04