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- Raccoons usually only live 6-8 years outside but up to 20 inside.
-Raccoons love ciggarettes, its like cat-nip to them.
-The farther down south, the small their size is.
-Raccoons have no enemy except man.
-Raccoons love water, but hate getting their backs wet.
-Raccoons, (if raised together) love other house pets.
-Raccoons get very attached to their owners.
-Raccoons can be house broken or litter box trained, they still go inside occasionally, special spray can be boughten so they wont go on furniture.
-Raccoons, can get mean threw mating season or wanna go outside if they are spayed/neutured.
-Mating season is usually threw Jan-Mar.
-They can eat almost anything, but have their favorites.
-They love to destroy everything, and need their own things.
-Raccoons defianantly need their own room, when i first heard that i thought it was ridiculous, but now i have a raccoon, and its more than true.
-After having a raccoon tamed, you can not put it back into the wild, it will not survive.
- Even after vaccinations, if someone is bitten, they raccoon can still be tooken away, the vaccinations they give are still not especially for raccoons. They are dog/cat vaccinations.
-Raccoons are sensitive to anethesia, they can die if the vet who spays/neutures them is not experienced with raccoons.
-There has never been reported that a raccoon has transferred rabies to a human.
-You have more chances to get rabies from a dog than a raccoon, people percieved them as animals who always get rabies (not the case).
-Two raccoons should never live together.
-Never hit a raccoon, they may bite back, thinking its an attack. Just say ''No'' sternly.
-Never get in a raccoons food while eating, he is very stingy about his food, he may bite you.
- When purchasing a raccoon, make sure he is young enough for you to bond with. perferably 6-8 weeks.
-Raccoons do not shed but their hair cracks in the early spring.
-They usually know their name, (mine doesnt)
-They clean theirselves, and dont have to be bathed, i wash my raccoon though, to keep her extra clean. (The first time i did the bath tub was black so now we keep her clean)
- If you do bathe them use baby shampoo.
-Raccoons can weigh up to 35 pounds.
-When raccoons are born they dont see until they are about 2-3 weeks old, then shortly after their ears open up, and they can hear.
-Raccoons can have up to 5 babies.
-1/3 of the babies usually die if they are outside.
- There are a few different kinds of raccoons (Grey,Cinnamon, ect)
- You might be able to find some raccoons to buy at

This page was created on 08/27/04