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Diet of a Raccoon

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Raccoons are omnivores, which means they eat anything. An outside raccoons diet would probably consist of.
-Small Animals
-Cray Fish
Inside raccoons can eat pretty much anything, but keep in mind they can gain wait easily. They should have a dish with both water/food, so they can wash their food. But they should eat fish,chicken, lil or no red meat. Or a low-ash dog food. You can even cut up hot dogs or something like that, my raccoons loves bananas. I usually feed her dog food, with maybe some cut up lil stuff, and water. Occasionally i put a sweet drink in her bottle, shes 5 months old, but still loves her bottle, she likes applejuice,orange juice, and sometimes she gets a tiny bit of soda. But yea they can pretty much eat anything, if you buy a raccoon, you will eventually find out what it likes and dislikes. When i bought my raccoon, they lady i got her from used to give them Cotton Candy, and of course they wash their food, and it would disappear in the water, it took them awhile but they learned not to put it in water. If you have any questions e-mail me.. Thank You!!

This page was created on 08/27/04